Autism websites – as sent in by a parent of a child with autism

I had this response sent into this website by a parent which sounds extremely useful for other parents to know. So thanks Patricia Sarmiento! I will also add them to my weblinks as well.

As the mother of a special needs child – my son, James, has autism – I understand the unique challenges that parents, families and educators of these exceptional children face daily. Many days run smoothly, but let’s face it – some days are more of a struggle than others.

In honour of school being back in full swing, which always presents many changes to our children’s routines, I decided to create a list of some of the articles I’ve come across in the past few months that shed light on many of the ways we can support our special needs kids. I’m passing these resources on to you in the hopes that you’ll share them with your audience, too. I believe they’ll make a great addition to your site (especially if included here:!

Home Safety for Kids!

5 Important Reasons Why Your Child Needs Routine to Succeed

PBS Parents: Communication Strategies for Children with Learning Disabilities

Create Your Own Anti-Anxiety Kit for Children

5 Ways for Teachers to Help Students with Special Needs

Adapting the Childcare Environment for Children with Special Needs

Disability Remodeling

Financial Assistance for Accessibility Home Repairs and Modifications

A Guide for Disabled Homebuyers

4 thoughts on “Autism websites – as sent in by a parent of a child with autism

  1. This is an excellent list of autism resources that should help many families! Thank you for including thes links here! If readers here are interested in even more autism resources, please consider visiting my blog—“Help for Struggling Readers.” The following articles may be helpful:

    1. BEST Apps for Autism-2015

    2. Helpful Literacy Tools & Resources for Autism

    3. A Dozen for Autism–A Book List for the Spectrum

    4. BEST Apps for Sensory Processing Issues

    I hope you will find these helpful to individuals with autism who also have reading challenges.


    1. I have added your websites to “Dyslexia Weblinks” under Resources page. Thanks for sending this in. Much appreciated. Myles


    2. My apologies meant to say “Autism Weblinks,” not “Dyslexia Weblinks.” I have put your information there!


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