what you need to know before getting a service dog

Dogs make great companions for many people. For people who have disabilities, service dogs can be invaluable for mobility, health, and companionship. You may be considering giving a service out if you have any type of disability. However, having a service dog is slightly different than having an animal companion that does not work for you. From Accessibility Smyles, here are three things you need to know before you get a service dog.

1. Certain Breeds Make Better Service Dogs

Ultimately, it comes down to the individual temperament of a canine to determine whether or not it will make a good service animal. However, certain breeds make better service animals than others. Even within these breeds, up to 70% of dogs are chosen to work as service animals to not complete the necessary training, according to one study. You should carefully consider your specific needs to choose the right service dog for you.

2. Service Dogs Can Help With Many Types of Disabilities

When you think of service dogs, you probably think of guide dogs that help blind people navigate the world when they are out in public. This is only one example of a service dog. Some service dogs are trained to recognize low blood sugar and other health hazards so that they can help their owners live life to the fullest. Other service animals provide anxiety relief. Some simply provide companionship for people who are grieving. There are many types of service dogs, so it is crucial to choose one that is specifically trained to help with the area you struggle in.

You also need to remember that service dogs need a yard to run in, just like non-working animals. Having a fence is important for keeping your new pet safe. If you don’t have a fence, you can speak with contractors in your community to get a quote that falls into your budget. Make sure you read the reviews on various companies before you decide which one to use for fence insulation.

3. There Is an Adjustment Period When You Get a Service Dog

Whenever you bring a dog home, it disrupts your family’s normal routine. There is always an adjustment period, and many experts say that it takes up to three weeks for a dog to completely settle into its new home. The experience is no different when you bring home a service dog. Not only does your new companion have to adjust to a new environment, but he also has to get used to working closely with you and providing you with the services you need to thrive.

It’s important to take measures to reduce stress around your home while your new service dog adjusts. Eliminate as much stress as possible and spend time bonding with your new companion. Lots of treats, love, and affection can help your dog adjust more quickly.

It also helps to have important supplies on hand to help your furry companion settle in more quickly. You need to have basic supplies such as food, bedding, and toys, whether you have a service dog or a non-working animal. Your dog’s trainer may also recommend specific supplies to help your new pet thrive. Regardless of which products you purchase, make sure you look at reviews to ensure they are high quality.

Getting a service dog is a great way to maintain your independence and care for your health when you have any type of disability. Before you get a service dog, make sure you understand these three things to ensure you are ready for the responsibility.

Image via Pexels

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