Parents in Lockdown using Technology

This is supporting information for the recent webinar on “Assistive Technology and The Dyslexic learner” done with the British Dyslexia Association about helping parents use Assistive Technology in the home and at school. 2,000 people signed up for the webinar and we had over 1,000 people on the call – Amazing! I featured this event on my weekly Podcast listen to it here:-

Episode 31 – Parents in Lockdown

Below is a resource bank to find useful apps and websites that can help you during this time of lockdown. I have also included a teaching plan for those home schooling who would like some fresh ideas to use. Just keep scrolling!

Here is a list of apps you might find helpful with the links to finding them and how much they cost:-

Apps for Dyslexia 

Clicker – free access to parents at home during Coronavirus

AppWriter – (£free 30 day trial) – suite of tools from text to speech to speech recognition and word prediction. Works on all platforms.

Lightkey (£free – basic but check that you can still use it after 30 days!)

ReadWrite - £27.99 - customisable fonts, backgrounds, word prediction, dictionary

Claro ScanPen £9.99 (iOS and Android) - reads text taken by inbuilt camera

Claro Speak Plus -£9.99 (iOS and Android)– word prediction, OCR and text to speech

One Note – £free - part of Office 365

Popplet Lite – £free simple mind mapping



Memorama (free) – pairs game to encourage matching and visual memory

My Own Puzzle(free) – create a jigsaw for up to 12 pieces using your photos

Magic Puzzle (free) – up to 600 piece puzzle !!

Jigidi (free) play and make puzzles with other people as well onlne

Cut the Rope (£free) – physics type game encouraging problem solving

Gears logic puzzles (£Free- iOS and Android) – hours of fun making the cog wheels turn – another physics problem solving game!

Flow Free (£free – iOs & Android) – mathmatical problem solving and highly addictive make the colours connect around the screen.

Sensory Integration – Reaction time 

Tap the Frog(free) –  progressive game of reaction and eye hand co-ordination skills

Laybrinth2HD(£7.99) – rolling ball bearing using accelerometer


Google Keep ( free) keep notes, lists in a coloured tile

Visual Schedule Planner ( £14.99) use photos to plan your timetable

Timetable 2 weeks(free)  plan a schools 2 week timetable


Paper (free -with in app purchases) draw and paint with colour wash

Brushes Redux (free) – app used by David Hockney

Colorfy (free -with in app purchases) for those who like adult colouring in


Air Harp £0.99) play notes under the strings of a harp

Figure (free)  create rap and hip hop beats – everything sounds good on this creative tol

Social Stories 

Book Creator One (free) only one book though

Puppet Pals HD (free) – make up social stories – good for dialogue and creativity

Puppet Pals 2 (£free) – create stories using historical characters as well as yourself.

Teaching Plans for 12 weeks session

SessionTeaching Points
Guess the animalRecognise different animals by sharing drawings
Bike RideFollow photos and videos about journeys and choices
MathsAerobics was a hit. Look at part and whole. Found part and whole in Oak Academy content 
Science (& Music)Guess the material game
Looking at materials and the natural world under a visualiser.
Songtime : “Let it Go”  mime to the song as well as sing it. “ I want to be like you.” (Jungle Book)  Have some instruments to demonstrate sounds – name game. 
English – story writingKims Game – 10 objects to see and guess which one is taken away – use the visualiser
Storybird – writing a story about a dinosaur who was sad… Why was he sad? What can happen to cheer him up? Artful Storytelling
Make up a song about him . Sing “ If your happy and you know it”

Time CapsuleGoing to do a writing exercise from Twinkl that may be of interest about writing/drawing to your future self
GeographyOnly Leo & Maia so concentrated on drawing and pictionary game to start with
Located where they are . Looking from different perspective – Google Earth – and seeing where I live and where Colin & Ann live in Edinburgh
Arts & CraftMake something together using simple materials. Leading each step of the way Find a task using paper or card. Glue and scissors.
Strips of coloured paperStrawsToilet roll paperGlue – PVA or Pritt or UHUScissors 
Textured Treasure Hunt (Frottage)Continuing the Art Theme we will be using Oak Academy on the following link :-  Needed:-
A4 Blank PaperPencilsCrayonsBlack felt tip marker ( optional) 
Maths To recognize parts that are equal and parts that are not
Activity songsKim’s Game 
HistoryFind something out of horrible histories that we can exploreObject/subject  from the era. To describe and discuss how it was used. Show a photo of it. Research it.
Horrible HistoriesSeries 3 Episode 4Stuarts, Middle Ages, Romans,
Hygiene : Why did poor people not wash in the middle ages?
Hygiene timeline 
Pinterest – Hygiene 
Myths & LegendsClassic fairy tales and more unusual local ones SWGF: learning website and another schools site – not sure what it is called.
Myths and Legends 
“The Gurt Wurm” 

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