Amazon Music on a Second Echo Dot

Working with my blind client who has been using the Echo Dot she bought a second dot for her bedroom. She wanted to play her relaxation music from Amazon Music when she goes to sleep. At the moment she has a single device subscription.

We discovered that you can neither play to both devices nor use the bedroom echo dot without upgrading your subscription which was from £3.99 to £9.99. I think that is poor from Amazon. You have a single Amazon Music Echo and you have bought the Echo Device why should you have to pay extra what you already have?

I will be making the  same point to Amazon. Watch this space for news!

Just rang up Amazon and explained the above. Amazon hung up on me!!  You can’t email them and they are not the most responsive company. Apple don’t do this for their devices – you can play all of your stuff on all your devices without extra cost. Why should Amazon do this? It isn’t fair unless someone tells me different!