Local Authority Support

AAS would like to offer bespoke support to Local Authorities who want to keep abreast of the latest developments in ICT SEN along with how to apply this to a school setting. Examples of good practice will be given. Support  could be one or more of the following:-

–  in-house training to your special educational needs support service

–  online resource support via our free resource area – up to date information delivered via email to you without you searching!

– 1:1 or small group (2/3 colleagues)  webairs – to train new staff in ICT SEN good practice methods

– annual  support to your special educational needs support service to ensure “top-up” of current ICT SEN knowledge

–  access to our online tools eg App Mapping Tool

– “Call an expert” – complex need pupil who needs more specialist help than your team have? Then give us a call to see if AAS can help ; we do assessments, training and monitoring to ensure ICT solutions work in all contexts for the pupil. We have found it is not just providing equipment that is important but the on-going support is so necessary for successful embedding of the ICT

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