ebooks and supporting struggling readers


I have written some advice about using ebooks that may interest our readers. Do you have any sources of ebooks that enable struggling readers to use? All phases from reception to secondary. Anyway. please take a look:-

eBooks and their use in supporting struggling readers

Sometimes you need to use your own material and this can be imported into your mobile device and into HandyBooks on an Android device

To create a simple text only ebook from word

  1. Write your text in word and save as a .PDF
  2. Go to epubbud.com ( you will need to create an account)
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to upload a book
  4. Download the book either on the device your students use or the device you use.
  5. You can email the attachment to any device.

To upload to “HandyBooks,”on an Android mobile

  1. Load the full version of Handy Books
  2. Click on Library ( top right of screen)
  3. Go to “File Tree”
  4. Click on “Memory Card”
  5. Scroll down to “Download”
  6. You should see your file and now click on the file
  7. You will see an icon like a book at the top right
  8. Click on that and your book loads!!