Useful ICT for Dyslexics

Wyvern training portal do some excellent training videos on ClaroRead and Dragon

A new product I saw at BETT was ClaroScanPen which converts PDF into spoken
text, Forget app is also useful for remembering events and lists,etc

Tools to record is AudioNote taker by Sonocent and their is app called Sonocent
as well. Records and you attribute its importance so you have a visual of what
you need.

If you want to keep up to speed with what is going on in the world of Special
needs I can suggest signing up to Special World
and my new intelligent website which designs the look and feel itself.

2 thoughts on “Useful ICT for Dyslexics

  1. This is another great article with excellent resources for individuals w/ dyslexia (as well as ADHD and other issues that can impact reading success.)

    Many thanks once again for a helpful post AND all the great work you continue to do for challenged readers and learners!

    Looking forward (always) to your future posts!


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