Aaron Smith , Microsoft Specialist in Dyslexia and SEND on new products from Microsoft to help Dyslexics

Good to listen to Aaron deliver a great session at last night’s WDA event for Dyslexia Awareness Week. Products like Learning Tools were talked about and the roll out now embedded in mainstream products like OneNote Outlook, Word, Edge…. to name a few!

Things I did not know was the enhanced dictionary in word which gives definitions as well as correct spellings. Things that are part of the package are much easier for students to see and use.

Also, I like the subtitle tool which can also be made to instantly translate via Google Translate into any language – well almost accurately! But the subtitling in real time is impressive.

Dictation works well on integrated devices such as the surface and surface book. It was good to see how accurate that is now. And to see all the features available in OneNote app that comes on the surface device.

It looks as if OneNote will not now need to have learning tools installed. The next rollout sounds as if it is incorporated into it. That should be happening in a few days time!

All in all very impressive! Well done Microsoft for making accessibility possible for ALL. Now the message needs to get out to schools. How that is done is via news announcements through mass media and local events like the one above where the product can be demonstrated by experts who from first hand experience of their own disability can speak with authority. Well done Aaron Smith , we salute you!

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