The Smyles Podcast

This is a series on the benefits and uses of Assistive Technology in a variety of settings eg education, workplace, home and community. All Episodes last no more than 6 minutes and can each be played on the play button. Please share or use widely. Over the past months there has been over 400 downloads of these podcasts! The latest episodes are listed here below. For the full series go to “The Smyles Podcast”

Episode 72 – A11y Accessibility Camp North Idaho The Smyles Podcast

Thoughts after speaking at this event. Worth the 6 hours of travelling by all air from New York
  1. Episode 72 – A11y Accessibility Camp North Idaho
  2. Episode 71 – Trip to Lebanon & The Dyslexia Show
  3. Episode 70 – Smart Watch for Medical Needs
  4. Episode 69 – Glean
  5. Episode 68 – Speech Recognition on Apple iOS