AMAneo BTi – Mouse Adapter

This innovative adapter means that you can access an iPad or iPhone with any mouse, including assistive mice like a head mouse, thumb mouse, rollerball or joystick. It’s a world first and it has the potential to enhance the way that users experience technology. Get ready to make everyday interactions like connecting with friends, browsing the internet, and playing games so much easier.

Click here to view the product and watch a video:-

AMAneo BTi Mouse

Google plays music – for free!

” You didn’t tell me about this !”

This is my greeting with a blind client this week. But I am not offended easily and always on the lookout for new uses of the Google mini. If you say “Hey Google, Play music from the 50’s ” it will tell you that you haven’t got a subscription and then offer you a streaming station which plays non-stop music . Try it out yourself if you have a google mini. You can flip through the songs by saying ” next song” if you don’t like what it plays and tell it to stop when you have finished.

A Richer Curriculum..creating a culture of opportunity in a digital world.  11th / 12th July Winchester University


At a time when the government EdTech strategy has been released, educators, researchers, experts and organisations will come together to share ideas and plan actions.

Early career researchers and students are welcome most welcome as well.

A range of speakers will also join the debate:

Lord Storey, ex-head, discussing EdTech policy in schools

Caroline Wright, BESA, on working with the edtech industry.

Cat Scutt, CCoT, on EdTech research and practice

Professor Mike Sharples talking about innovation in pedagogy

Professor Ros Luckin about the evidence from the EDUCATE programme

Bernard Dady, Gaia Technology, talking about the principles of effective CPD strategies for EdTech professionals

Mike Forshaw, InnovateMySchool, with practice about sustaining vibrant e-communities for busy teachers


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Searching this website

To try and make things more accessible you can search this website for categories . Just take a look at the dropdown list on the right and try out things like “Workaround” which are practical assistive technology  solutions to user’s needs and requests. Or you can take a look at “Assistive Technology” to look at assistive hardware and software. If you are a SENCO you can search to find information relevant to you.

There are over 700 posts from the last 6 years to look through. A mine of useful information and advice and it seems a shame to have it sitting there and not being used.  Please do check it out.

Closing Apps Automatically at Restart, Shutdown or Sign Out in Windows 10

And this also works in Windows 7. A user who uses speech recognition to control her computer wanted to be able to switch off the computer with her voice but was unable to due to two things, Dragon showed a user profile save dialogue box and force shutdown window. Using the command “AutoEndTask” and adding it to the register did the trick and the computer was able to close everything down. In order to stop the user profile dialogue in Dragon to appear an option in the data section to “save profile automatically”  enabled dragon to pass that stage. I could see it was saving the profile.

In order to add the AutoEndTask command follow the instructions on the link below:-

Visual Thesaurus

Finding that word or just trying to find an alternative word can be difficult and frustrating . This is why i like a visual thesaurus that shows the link between words that are related to the root word.

ThesaurusFree is an app that does just that. And as the title states its free as well.

Have this as part of your toolkit for pupils with special needs.