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Ever since Covid-19 began I have been doing a series of different media types. Go to https://aas123.com/media and check out the following:-

Techsavvy – weekly hints and tips for people who want to understand their technology better every Friday on my facebook page at 11:00am

The AT Show – weekly show on a Monday at around 2:30pm on Assistive Technology and news in this domain

The Smyles Podcast – weekly audio show on Assistive Technology.

All this shows are on my Youtube channel subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbrthMa5uD-4UOdU9sFHBBg

Nearly famous now!

Cliff Richard

That was the remark made by Cliff Richard, pop singer, after decades of being in the charts! But it applies to me today as I had a message from a friend to say that he was marking one of his students paper and he saw that the student had quoted me! I hope he gave the student a good mark!

A2i Dyslexia on Youtube – Interview and Demo with Myles Pilling

My thanks to Elisabeth Takyi and the A2i for doing a splended job in posting out this interview. I had a great time on the show and always happy to talk about Assistive Technology. For more videos about Dyslexia from A2i Dyslexia please go to https://a2idyslexia.org.uk/videos/

Facebook Portal

My daughter who lives in the states bought all of the family Facebook Portals as we live in different time zones to meet together can be a challenge. I did a Techsavvy by way of introduction. For more detailed information go to http://portal.facebook.com.

One feature that may interest schools is that it’s going to include Video Conferencing apps like GotoMeeting,Webex, Zoom. There is no date for this feature yet but it could be powerful for linking schools to families without laptops or who have more than one child needing a larger display to teach with.

Just an idea!

Free Clicker & Docsplus for home and school during lockdown

During the previous lockdown, we made Clickerand DocsPlus freely available to any pupils affected by school closures to support remote learning.

With schools once again closed to the majority of pupils, we want to help them ensure that every child has an accessible and engaging learning experience. So, until February half term we are offering free access to Clicker and DocsPlus for all staff and pupils, which they can use in school and also pass on to parents to use at home.

Please do tell any teachers or parents that you are working with about the support available, all they need to do is complete a short form on our website to request Clicker or DocsPlus and we’ll send their free access codes over to them within 1 – 2 working days.

Wishing you all the very best for the coming weeks, remember that our friendly team are on hand if there is anything we can do to help.

Kind regards

John and Ann

No more calls on Google Nest Mini in the UK?

As of today the fact that the Google mini no longer makes phone calls without the use of Google Duo is a tragic setback for the disabled community. It was predicted to happen in mid December and today is the day when it actually happened. It seems a stealth move which is falling underneath the radar and not made explicit enough in my opinion.

What we feared has happened and sadly this is disempowering blind people with lack of hand function where only voice is the main input to finding things and taking control. I have a blind user who actually depends on this to be more independent and not only receive calls but actually make them.

I am deeply saddened by googles decision to do this. And I would urge the disabled community to stand together and challenge this.

Google recommends Google duo to make the phone calls but that is only part of the story. In order to use Google Duo you have to access your Google contacts. The problem with that is it doesn’t allow for searching the Internet like you used to be able to do and therefore it is not a practical tool for those who struggle with searching for things and making phone calls.

There are two points to this:-

1. Why is the UK only been single out for this?

2. Could something be put in place that can enable disable people to make the phone calls they so earnestly desire to do?

If anyone has an answer to this please get in contact via this website or contact me at myles@as123.com. This unilateral decision by Google where it’s not haven been consulted about is a great affront to those who fight and champion and help people with disabilities to use Assistive Technology