UK APL Survey

This is a WHO initiative with the help of the British Assistive Technology Association to survey what products that are classed as Assistive are being used. This comprises from walking aids to high tech prosthetics and eye gaze systems. There are also groups you can sign up to which focus on specific areas of interest such as vision, hearing, communication, environment, mobility, cognition.

If you are a supplier or a charity or an interested professional do go across to:-

The survey is being supported by the following organisations:-


Grammarly is a useful assistive technology app for supporting students and pupils. It helps by suggesting better grammar, checking additional spaces between words, correct spellings, and the bit I love being able to suggest links for adding to your blogs and documents. I find it good that you can be looking for a particular app or hardware and Grammarly will find that item. It sits on the sidelines waiting to be used.

It’s also a good learning tool. I did struggle with plurals on nouns eg batas online groups. It can also score how well you are writing. It works on a principle I love which is you learn by what you write and this supportive software not only helps, advise it teaches as well!

Websites, Domains and Email

In the past I have set up websites for people. Making them is relatively straight forward but hard work nevertheless. The tricky bit is the hosting of it. You enter the world of SSL Certificates, Domain Names and Renewal. It’s hard to know what you are paying for. Often there is a deal on offer and then after the specified time it changes. Beware of the on costs you migtht incur.

So how much does this all cost? For a certificated site with email and domain name it can cost £100 a least, £1,000’s if you employ a website designer. There are so many aspects to consider :

  • Website designing & building costs – self built or web designer
  • Domain name purchase – unique name, often more than one to ensure your brand is protected
  • Email service to the site – so you can be contacted directly usually info@ ………
  • Domain Certificate – added protection from people taking your web domain name
  • SSL Certificate – google security to protect the site and make it bonafide
  • …and so it goes including SEO’s for pushing your site up the search list

The language is technical and full of jargon so it is wise to talk to a web designer or someone familiar with doing this to ensure you get the right set up for you. If you consider building the website yourself you will save a considerable amount of money. But seek advice on it. All I will say is website developers know what they are doing and can ensure everything works smoothly and properly after your launch. It’s a service worth paying for to have exactly what you want.