Dropbox Plus Price Increase

I had a bit of a shock today as my bank alerted me my personal account had gone below the theshold set. It wasn’t that I was overdrawn but that it triggered an alert below £50. Well, I looked at what had caused this as it was at the usual level on Wednesday, It was then that I discovered that Dropbox had taken their annual fee which is now £95.98 from £79.00 for Dropbox Plus. That’s an increase of £16.00 and with no warning of the price increase. And I checked my emails to see if I had a message concerning the increase but none was there not even in Junk or Spam.

In order to check your account you need to sign into your Dropbox and go to settings and choose the tab billing and you will see the charges. I looked to see if I could downgrade and Dropbox PLus is the lowest setting. I do use it a fair amount and store some useful files there as it’s handy for video transfer and sending colleagues there to see files, etc.

So I will write an email to ask then to tell their customers of price increases and I am just letting you know so you are not caught out. I have now transfered equivalent funds from a joint to my personal account to cover the price hike.

Episode 6 – Word Prediction

Word Prediction has been around a long time and yet there is no recent research done on it as being an effective for the dyslexic learner to use in classrooms where speech recognition doesn’t really work due to self-consciousness of the pupil. Listen to the above podcast and download it to share with others the benefits of word prediction tools as they are mentioned.

Episode 5 – AT Apps

Bonus week! 2 for 1! Just trying out a different way of delivering the podcast to you. I use Podbeam to create it which sends you to the series link. You can also download it for use of offline I have discovered. I tried an audio player option but it doesn’t really work for me here.

In this epsiode I am looking at AT apps – I just mention a few that I find useful in my own work. Enjoy and please share to those who would find it useful