myles pilling portrait

Specialist  SEN&D ICT Consultant    

–    Speaker   –   Trainer/Facilitator   –    Teacher

Thank you so much for coming down and training us all- you were wonderful to work with! Nicky has been using the skills that you taught her and is much less terrified of some IT now!  Jacob and I were showing students and teachers how to use the Immersive reader and dictation at his school today- they were thrilled and can’t wait to use it to support their reading and writing at school!

Joanne organised a training session on ICT and Dyslexia, June 2019

I am a problem-solver. I fix things for people to do with their technology that enables them to do something they could not do before. It’s great having all the means and tech at our disposal but in order to make it worthwhile there needs to be a human interface to make it work the way you want it to! That’s where I come in. Let me help you.

So who am I ? Here are some bullet points to explain that:-

What has Myles done?

  • ICT SEN Advisor for Wiltshire Council ( 10 years)
  • mPowerNet ICT SEN Trainer ( 3 years)
  • Advisory Teacher for Buckinghamshire ( 1 year)
  • Special Schools Teacher (16 years)

What does he do now?

  • Set up his own business  “AccessAbility Solutions” as a Specialist ICT SEND Consultant & Assistive Technologist
  • Leads Christian services eg wedding, funerals, speaking engagements ( on behalf of Prospects with Liveability Charity)
  • Semi –retired married to Cath for 42 years
  • Three children – all grown up!
  • County Co-ordinator for AbilityNet
  • Speaks at exhibitions and regional events
  • External Lecturer to Bath Spa Unversity for the past 16 years on their Dyslexia courses

What does he like doing?

  • Committed Christian/ Attends a local church where I am involved as a leader
  • Problem solving – I love a problem! It gives me a chance to solve it
  • Productivity Tools – working with organisations to help with their IT support for disabled people
  • Burnley FC – it’s my local club which I have always supported
  • Watching and playing football ( on Xbox 360!!)
  • Films – particular action and sci fi
  • Landscape Photography – since the age of 11 I have always taken photos
  • IT gadgets and gizmos! Love a good gadget , my house is full of them! Ask my wife!
  • Drawing and Painting – when relaxing on holiday  or helping my daughter with her artwork
  • Cycling ( on his wife’s electric bike!) which I use all the time as an AbilityNet Volunteer I travel to nearby villages to help clients.

What skills does he have?

  • ICT skills – self-taught over a range of operating systems so that the system used is the right solution for you!
  • Empathy towards people with learning difficulties. I listen to what you want
  • Problem solving approaches. I work to provide a solution that works for you.
  • Facilitation – to get the best out of people you need to help and support them
  • Teaching skills – ability to see from the learner’s point of view
  • Speaking skills – to groups of any size! I love to share experiences and insights
  • Can sing! And do regularly at my church
  • Plays a guitar and piano (badly)  – jazz/Rock’n’Roll/Blues
  • Listening skills – to establish what the needs are
  • Website design and building –   collaborative working on BATA’s website eg http://bataonline.org 
  • App guru for special needs – mobile technologies are powerful tools for helping meet individual needs.

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