About Me


Specialist  SEN&D ICT Consultant    –    Speaker   –   Trainer/Facilitator   –    Teacher

What has Myles done?

  • ICT SEN Advisor for Wiltshire Council ( 10 years)
  • mPowerNet ICT SEN Trainer ( 3 years)
  • Advisory Teacher for Buckinghamshire ( 1 year)
  • Special Schools Teacher (16 years)

What does he do now?

  • Set up his own business  “AccessAbility Solutions” as a Specialist ICT SEN Consultant
  • Leads Christian services eg wedding, funerals, speaking engagements ( on behalf of Prospects with Liveability Charity)
  • Semi –retired married to Cath for 42 years
  • Three children – all grown up!
  • County Co-ordinator for AbilityNet
  • Speaks at exhibitions, Bath Spa University and regional events

What does he like doing?

  • Burnley FC
  • Watching and playing football ( on Xbox 360!!)
  • Landscape Photography
  • IT gadgets and gizmos!
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Cycling ( on his wife’s electric bike!)

What skills does he have?

  • ICT skills
  • Empathy towards people with learning difficulties
  • Facilitation – to get the best out of people!
  • Teaching skills – ability to see from the learner’s point of view
  • Speaking skills – to groups of any size!
  • Can sing!
  • Plays a guitar and piano (badly)  – jazz/Rock’n’Roll/Blues
  • Listening skills – to establish what the needs are
  • Website design and building
  • App guru for special needs

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