Voice View on the Amazon Fire TV Stick

Screenreaders are necessary for the blind and partially sighted to access information. On the Amazon Fire TV Stick under Settings then Accessibility lies Voice View which is a screen reader for the Fire TV Stick. It will allow the user using the remote to navigate through the menu’s and tell you what is listed. Under Accessibility you can also activate audio description on Prime. Obviously, you have to have a Prime account to make this work but you can access movies and have audio description.

Finally, the new kid on the Amazon block is The Cube. This gives voice control to the TV as well as having a screenreader. According to the blurb it can access use Voice View which is great news as the two components of text to speech (screenreader) and speech recognition (Alexa). I previosly tried this with the echo dot but it was limited to commands “Play” and “Pause” and didn’t appear to navigate the menu. So when I purchase one, as I have client who might like this, I will tell you how we got on.

The alternative would be a Samsung TV with text and voice control but it might require button pressing to navigate the system. If voice control is possible with The Cube then this is a viable system for the blind and partially-sighted.

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