SENSwitcher is back


Yes indeed. This is now available to run online. This seminal piece of software has been a mainstay of menu an special school ICT assessment tool. So it is great to see it back in it’s original form. It does not date. Well done, Ian Bean for making ti available again. I always found the download version tricky to do. But this method as long as you have internet access is great. And it works on all platforms including Chrome.

senswitcher menu

It’s simple interface makes it very easy for non-technical staff to use and you just switched on and off the activities listed by clicking on them. The “M” key takes you back to the list of activities within the level  and ALT & F4  ( ALTS & FN &F4 on some devices like a surface) takes you back to the list of levels. It works with the Switch Progression Roadmap which gives you a complete assessment and curriculum for developing switch use. And the beauty is that this software is age-appropriate. It was ahead of its time when released two decades ago. So if you have not heard of seen it give it a try at:-

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