Create symbol flashcards, timetables, stories and a lot more with no installation needed.


Easy to use templates

Choose from a wide range of page layouts, from large display flashcards to small 

vocabulary grids.

Widgit Symbols 

Access to more than 14,000 Widgit Symbols, with free automatic symbol updates.

Mac and PC compatible

Widgit Online can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac computers and resources can be viewed on iPads and tablets.


With a group account, you can share resources with colleagues and classmates, with full control over user access.

Online Storage 

Create and save your symbol resources and access them from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Widgit Online uses high quality, streaming text-to-speech to read your resources aloud.
Go to http://www.widgitonline.com and start creating resources with a free 21 day trial.

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