Webinair -“Making the workplace accessible”

If you missed the free webinair then don’t dispair! I have made a recording for you to see the main points and listen to. It lasts 35 mins so pull up a chair, a coffee ( or glass of wine if you prefer!) and listen to and learn from Myles as he explains what “making the workplace accessible,” means. Click on the link below.

“Making the workplace accessible -webinair”


Accessibility and Office 365

Microsoft have on their blog shared some interesting news about what they intend to do in 2016 regarding accessibility. Take a look at:-



Sonocent app and audio notetaker

I have made an 8 minute video of the above app and software to go on my dyslexia youtube channel. Please share this as I think its a wonderfully practical app in the right circumstances. Encouraging active listening and could be used in a wide range of contexts to make recording easier. On digital
learning day this is something worth looking into!

Useful ICT for Dyslexics

Wyvern training portal do some excellent training videos on ClaroRead and Dragon

A new product I saw at BETT was ClaroScanPen which converts PDF into spoken
text, Forget app is also useful for remembering events and lists,etc

Tools to record is AudioNote taker by Sonocent and their is app called Sonocent
as well. Records and you attribute its importance so you have a visual of what
you need.

If you want to keep up to speed with what is going on in the world of Special
needs I can suggest signing up to Special World http://specialworld.net
and my new intelligent website which designs the look and feel itself.