Can you help this student?

Hi. I’m Geane, a PhD student at the University of Southampton.

My research is about finding ways for visually impaired people to be able to do more sport/physical activity. I’m seeking young adults with VI to take part in my online survey.

I would very much appreciate if you could share my advert with a link of this survey to your visually impaired members in your social media or online community.

My advert is this:

Are you visually impaired between 18 and 30 years old? Do you do physical activity or play sports? I want to hear from you all, regardless if you are active or not. If you are active I would like to hear about your experience with physical activity, sports and technologies. If you are not active, I would be interested to know why. Please fill in this online survey If you have any questions, contact Geane Fontinele directly on Study Reference Number ERGO/FEPS/ 51707.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Geane Fontinele
PhD student in Web Science
University of Southampton

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