Changes in Google that affect synapptics tablets

This also applies to any third party apps being used on a device as well.

Just been with a client today using a Synapptic Tablet. She had trouble with her emails which we eventually found out was caused by Google blocking the email function on her tablet. 


Need to go Security settings on the google account concerned and  do the following

 – setup two factor authentication which will need a smart phone or mobile phone for a text message

– next go to security and go to “Third party apps with account access” and add “Synapptics” to the list

A 16 digit code will be generated which needs copying down or taking a photo of. It’s a one-time code that you type into Basic Email Settings of Synapptics  ( synapptics doesn’t allow pasting into the password area !) under Password.

I used IMAP settings with port values Incoming 995 and SMTP port settings of 465. You can find these on the web if needed. I set them in Synapptics under the “Advanced settings”  in Email. 

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