BETT 2016 Highlights

BETT 2016 was as huge as ever but I like what I did and saw.  Good to have the opportunity to go on the radio with Russell Prue and share what’s been going in the world of SEN and Longleat! Those two items are not connected by the way. 

Seriously I was impressed by Immersive Educations interactive room. Set you back quite a few pounds but worth it. You can design your own content and it puts you in the position of feeling like you are there. Surround film for the interactive classroom. Go to their website

Nureva Span is a 40 metre+ wall of interactivity with multi-touch . Enables you to work collaborative both with the wall and with your  mobile devices. STeljes are marketing this in the UK as its made in Canada . I will include some video to the file so you can see what this is in practice. You can probably learn more from .

Classroom collaboration system

In order for good wifi you need good bandwith as well as good coverage. Some guidelines are available for schools at Is your wifi working? You can also download the  standard for wifi in schools at EDU-Fi. Does your wifi make the grade? See this at

In the BETT futures zone  Diagnostice Questions – is  a way of helping teachers and students identify , understand and resolve their misconceptions by asking questions . The best thing this outfit have so much belief in their brainchild they want to make freely available to schools one day. At the moment there is cost £30 per teacher. The explore page is free forever. Go and find out more at http://www.diagnostic .Klaxoon is an all device box that allows interactive flipped classroom using your own device across all platforms because it works both asdevice (display box) and as a cloud based product. Go to and be amazed! It offers your students quizes, surveys, challenges, brainstorming, instant messaging. Another useful startup for schools who want to appify their school website is berkfield mobile apps . Go to heir site and you could get a free mock up of your school website.

NASEN have their one-stop online “focuson” SEND training site where the aim is to help SENCOs to train TA’s in high quality provision for SEN students/pupils. Crick software as promised in my previous article have released Clicker 7 which is being shipped from now. Can’t wait to receive my copy. The catalogue says it is is the complete literacy solution. Do go to and get your copy straigh taway. If you are a  school then please contact Crick directly as they work out from your previous licenses what your bulk purchase cost is.  Tablet Academy ran a hands-on live session where you can experience yourself the technology first hand. They offer you a range of support packages, pupil engagement through STEM activities like minecraft and lego. ClaroSoft have their new Claro ScanPen which talks back any page that has been photograph that has text on it. This is useful for dyslexics in that they can see the text in its orginal format.  I will write much more later today. If you are going to BETT 2016 I hope this gives you a flavour of what to see. Last day Saturday today.



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