A2i Dyslexia

In working with the above organization and the black community it is interesting to note that dyslexia occurs in the black community as well. I was approached to train a group in the use of Assistive Technology and questions were asked about translation from African languages such as Swahili. Also is there anything that works and speaks with Jamaican Patwah(Patois). I came across this information which may be of interest to you.

I have been looking into what can be done to help translate. I can see that Google Translate works with  Swahili, Somali for African nations. Anyway, here is a link to try that out-

This is the one I demonstrated:-


It does a similar thing.

There are these websites that deal with Jamaican to English that might help.Jamaican Patwah – Patois/Creole and Slang Dictionary

It has this translator tool on it:-


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