name on a train

Back in 2019 we were all faced by one of the most horrendous situations. We were in a pandemic and many people were separated from their loved ones. The only way for us to communicate was via Video Conferencing or phone calls. For someone with dementia a phone call is not easy. It is much better to see them.

Sandra’s husband was one such person and he was in a care home. Sandra had not been able to see him for 12 weeks. She is not a techsavvy person at all. In fact more techno fear than savvy. So I encouraged her to connect first with the church services we were doing then with the care home Richard was at. We managed a few calls on Skype until the day came when he caught COVID. At the time we didn’t know how ill he was but sadly later that day he passed away. But Sandra was able to see him and she said ” You don’t know just how much that means to me.”

What has this to do with a name on a train?

My wife and daughter entered me in for a local Radio station’s competition called ” Making A Difference” Our story got us to the finals but sadly we didn’t win. I thought that was the end of the story but not so. A few week’s later I was contacted by the radio station to say that our story had touched their hearts and the railway company had extended their train names to a side panel for runner-ups.

After two years and several cancellations this week we were called to attend Swindon raiway where “our train” would pull in for 6 minutes and we could see the entry and here it is:-

Sandra & Myles next to the High Speed Train with my name and her husband’s name .

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