Dyslexia Awareness Week – 11th-17th October

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Dyspraxia Awareness Week
(11th – 17th October 2015)

2015’s National Dyspraxia Awareness Week, which will take place between 11th and 17th October, will not just aim to heighten the awareness of dyspraxia but will also explore the “diagnosis divide” between girls and boys.

This focus comes as a result of the organisers of the Dyspraxia Foundation learning that a significant number of females are not receiving a diagnosis of dyspraxia as readily as males.

So why is it that females can go undiagnosed throughout their lifetimes, despite obvious issues with their development and co-ordination? The truth is that the Dyspraxia Foundation, along with other researchers, don’t know. But they are keen to find out.

They hope that the results of a new national survey will help to explain why many females seem to “get by” in life without diagnosis and support, despite falling over frequently and displaying a lack of spatial awareness (among other symptoms).

If you would like to get involved with this year’s Dyspraxia Awareness Week, make sure to join in with “Funky Friday” (16th October) where your pupils are encouraged to wear their most colourful clothes in order to help raise awareness of dyspraxia.

For more information about Dyspraxia Awareness Week, please visit:http://www.dyspraxiafoundation.org.uk/


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