Dyslexia Symposium, University of Limerick

Quite a busy few days. Training parents and caters in Langham, Rutland. Then flying out to Cork, Ireland to attend a Dyslexia Symposium which was a good time with a wide range of speakers – ranging from access to work, to researchers to educationalists, university professors.

I never knew how big Cork is! I had to drive from Cork where my plane landed to attend the symposium in Limerick which took 1hr 45 mins. Actually over 2 hrs due to traffic through Cork. My Satnav took me that way which was long and slow. I learnt that the journey to Limerick took me through a couple of small towns typically one long street with few restaurants and many pubs!

The plane I am currently on is an ATR prop and is quite ecologically minded. Not uncomfortable with more leg room than my recent easyJet flight. Though the landing in Cork was a bit seat arm gripping! We came in fast and furious – I think the pilot was in a hurry to get somewhere!

It was great to attend the symposium and to make new friends in the University of Limerick. It is a huge campus with many, many students in comparison to Bath Spa University in size and number. I also learnt that with over 400 students requiring individual ICT support the task of provision was daunting in its logistics for examinations. Workable solutions such as scanning pens were needed. I also will take back to BATA the need to have one event in Ireland as the assistive technology needs to be driven as much there as here in the UK maybe some sort of exhibition event.

It was great to meet Nicola James (Lexxic) and Stephen Howell (Microsoft Ireland) . As both are involved in Ireland forming some sort of dialogue on how best to help showcase AT via the University of Limerick maybe an action point. It will need something big of the stature of Microsoft to make an impact at the decision making level of the University level to make a difference.

I was intrigued to know how I got invited to this event. Apparently, I was googled!!

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