Microsoft Word – Dictate

(Written with a combination of voice (major part) and keyboard(for editing)

This article is about Microsoft Word and the dictate function contained within it. I’m using a headset connected to a desktop computer which I originally had from dragon dictate. It is a bog standard headset with a 3.5 Jack.

So what I’m doing here as I’m writing with my voice. This new feature can really help me with my work especially when I’m thinking out does not contain all the full features of dragon dictate naturally speaking but it does have much value in just getting work down which is a strategy that can be used.

There are a few grammatical and sentence paragraph making tools. For instance i used..

..To create this paragraph. (Voice Command – “new paragraph”

It is actually quite efficient that creating dialogue and narrative. So it would be useful for children to get their ideas down in a flow kind of way. But any more complicated editing will require a more powerful package such as dragon dictate naturally speaking . I am pleasantly surprised about its accuracy for me. It does seem to be able to pick up my particular phraseology without any training whatsoever. It is most definitely a tool I will use in writing my blogs uncertain free flowing articles.

How does it cope with names and addresses? The answer is not particularly well the more complicated tool would be much more useful! As Some of the editing tools are very basic I feel the best way to use this is by a combination of keyboard and voice. This gives the best and most accurate results with a fairly free flowing movement which is pleasing impractical and not complicated.


 Microsoft Have done a great  job in creating a simple tool that would be of great value to those who don’t require a great deal of editing and more complex solutions. I feel it is a tool that can be very useful for those who want to practice speech recognition find out what its impact without too much fuss and bother. In fact it could be a first tool that people use in order to test out how good this would be for them in the future where they would move on to more complex packages.

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