Microsoft Word – Search feature

Searching for images from within Word

There is also a new feature called search. The above information was sought by using search window at the Top in the middle of the blue title bar. And by using smart look up was able to use and find the photo that I wanted. This feature will allow you to look at files and information and directly add them to your text within Microsoft Word and not having to leave it I’ll go in search elsewhere I also like the idea that for research purposes it includes some text along with this information.

This is a new feature which is in beta stage and obviously will be built more into the package but you can actually add it to your Microsoft 2019 package and start using it to see what it can do to aid students work and research methods. All this and no additional cost other than having the use of this package or paying a subscription for it. Simple ideas like this can really enhance learning. And I’m also using it with dictate to create this article which makes it even more interesting as a fully integrated method of working. Well done Microsoft for this feature which will help a lot of dyslexic students!

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