iSwitch in use

This guide will help you to understand the mechanism of how to use 2 switches on an iPad. I find the way this does it a little bit irritating with secondary menu options which gets in the way sometimes . I wish it could be switched off and maybe it can be

Using ISwitch with an iPad on Two Switch Mode


1 . Red switch 1 is select

2. Yellow switch 2 is in scanning

3. ISwitch (Yellow) is set to scan as well

4. If you try and use the keyboard whilst using switches turn over the iSwitch and press Mode ( picture of a keyboard above it)

5. You should have the Switch Control set to Manual Scanning for Two switch mode :-


When in Switch control you will find that a blue outline appears around the row of apps or you are in an app the blue outline automatically picks up the different actions needed in the app. Scanning is all about cycling through options. Two switch manual gives you complete control. Easier to operate with i find. The reason being auto-scanning doesn’t work as pupil’s responses are not consistent. So the teacher scans with one switch and the pupil selects with the other.

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