Exam Accessibility Event in London today

I am attending the above event put on by Texthelp in conjunction with BATA ( British Assistive Technology Association) . The event is the second one put by Texthelp and BATA and will feedback on the research project on exam accessibility conducted this past year. If you are on Twitter then you can follow the event at BATAExamAccess . The use of technology in exams has been a tricky area to get equality of access in over the years. With technology changing so quickly and a multiplicity of tools and devices it is difficult to keep up with as well.But things are changing ! I hope this event will show progress being made.

2 thoughts on “Exam Accessibility Event in London today

  1. We are very interested in this topic of testing accessibility and are continuously monitoring it via news and various social media channels. Very glad to learn of this BATAExamAccess event on Twitter (only knew of it via your good post above here, however—thank you!)

    You may be interested to know that our Reading Focus Cards desktop app can be used with online or offline digital testing/assessment products to help “level the testing field” for all kinds of readers and learners. One option for use: https://twitter.com/FocusAndRead/status/630746883716046850

    Thought you might like to know this. Thanks for ALL you continue to do daily for the special needs community!


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