ATEC 2016 Oxford 

What a great day! And what a great event! It is also  good to see it being so well supported ! Well done Antony Ruck and the team. A really worthwhile day for both networking and CPD?

Barclays Bank – Paul

Barclays Bank have a new app that you can use for your banking needs . It’s called Launchpad – QRCode logon banking , thoughts and feedback on this app would be appreciated. Not sure if it’s android but I assume it is as they thoroughly test their software! Workplace adjustments – not just reasonable adjustments is a term I thought was useful to use. It gives the emphasis to the setting giving it more focus see approach. What is challenging to companies is that in Barclays case they use not the latest tech and Cisco systems so the need is to build bridges for flexible licensing, personal licenses. Holistic AT that makes use of videos would be great – see Wyvern learning or Sarah Jane-Peake’s site LaunchPad  for examples of this!

Stuart Edwards -Dept. of Work & Pensions

Access to Work is a not a benefit but an essential tool. 12,000 access to work applications. Small adjustments don’t lead to having large funds. Grants towards giving access tools. Not the whole thing! Mental health and learning disabilities will mean more impact into these areas. 62,000 per year by the end of this parliament. Personal budgets for the grants. New online form filling, data gathering. Making more decisions on line. These are just some of the main points from his keynote.
Some future tech that Access to Work are going to look into or keep an eye on:-

  • 3D printing for kits needed
  • Individual needs
  • Driving less cars a game changer
  • Holographic signers – interpreting the users gestures

Debra Charles – Novacroft

Massive skills gap by  2020 – business leader, true talent lying in society. Showcase what can be achieved. Being made to feel different impacts massively your life. One size doesn’t fit all ! Something amazing in everyone.

Changing perceptions to make a difference, about belonging. Look for people to help you. Words that cause damage were shown . Help people feel valued. Positive contribution. Talent and technology work together. Work in a different way. Building a team that has positive impact. Make an impact on society. Get lots of fantastic people together and make a difference. Creative, good, able. Small things make a difference .

#saynotonormal. – showcase in October. Children – mini clip to show a difference. Add it to the website. Create a toolkit for businesses and education.

Dolphin Systems
Supernova and camera use – straightforward and easy to use. One way communication only. Clarity is very good. Very sharp. Is there another product on the market that does this? Using a mobile phone camera can do this on an iPad for instance . But the quality will not be as good which necessary for the VI user. Another feature is changing the colour scheme to suit the individual user.

  • Magnifier + speech ( version) – read and capture . It will OCR and use in word. Will speak it back to the user.

Claro Sotware

Claro ScanPen – not wifi dependent . Write about lighting and background paper issue.

Time to process information, audio allows more processing time

Simple software to use!
Claro Read software

Scan other file formats in

Scan from screen – text to speech . Select a area of picture to copy to the clipboard.

Office 365 plus pro free for students in university. Install office 365 for free for students ( up to 5 users).

Screen Rule – Screen tinting

ClaroRead for Chromebook ,chrome browser

The Edge – isn’t very accessible – chrome extensions into the edge browser by Autumn 2016

ClaroRead SE – simple , play,stop, toolbar . Makes it an easy tool for the user

Cloud access for different versions
Buying a key that last for a long time . Not subscription. More about upgrading potential. Remote configuration . Design to be user friendly especially for a DSA Assessor

Nice settings to change the background and provide tints

Annotation toolbar – highlight, draw shapes, provide notes. All compatible and therefore a useful research tool for students who are needing to look at source material

Appv. Virtual deployment tools for apps for iOS.

Conversor -Notetalker – takes an audio file of any talk or lecture. In order to do this you need a good external microphone to your smartphone,

Audio quality – directional conversor mm1 45,000

£21 on DSA for the app and microphone

Directional Wireless microphone – Bluetooth for lectures – removing background noise

Pairs for individual solutions

Battery pack booster for phone useage

External microphones need to be used with smartphones

More general hitting of information using bookmarking. Giving choice to the individual to choose the tool that best meets their need on the PC transfer software,

Compiling information into one place.

6-7 mins for a 45 min lecture

Nice idea for searching by word and a maths search tool.

Clear interface for editing.

Export into word (July) PDF now!
August – Notetalker transcription service @  24hr £12 per lecture I think.

Certified training programmers offered to DSA assessor and professionals  by Notetalker

I will write about some of the products I saw in a post tomorrow ! That’s all the keynotes and workshops I attended covered!

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