7 aspects of engagement

Seven_Aspects_evaluation_report (1)

The above report which you download from the link is a pilot study done by Prof Barry Carpenter and set of pilot schools. It is based on the Rochford Review and will replace P scales by 2020. So very current. I have yet to read all of this but the outline of the 7 aspects of engagement seems to be logical and works well alongside other work in the Assistive Technology area such as the Switch Skills Progression Mapping  work done by Ian Bean.

What are the 7 aspects of engagement?

  • responsiveness,
  • curiosity
  • discovery
  • anticipation
  • persistence
  • initiation
  • investigation

As they are a progression I can see these relate very well to child development and those with complex needs who may be stuck in one of these 7 aspects. This chart provides and understanding of what these 7 aspects of engagement mean:-


I found this at:-


I will give this more thought and then see how to adapt my App Mapping Sheet to incorporate it.  First, I need to get to grip with the concept and take it from there.

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