Echo Connect


The Echo Connect is a device that uses the Echo Dot and Alexa device to link to your landline. Freeing up your hands to use your voice to answer and make calls. It was quite frustrating to setup and we did struggle to get it going and I still don’t know what i did to make this work! I will investigate further. Another useful feature is it’s able to cope with automated phone systems ” Press 1 for Insanity” type systems.  Google Mini can’t do this and leaves you unable to navigate them without pressing keys. 

For blind and partially sighted users this is a great addition. Phone calls can be answered anywhere in the house where the user is. Especially if you have more than one smart speaker (Echo Dot) . For £39.99 it’s very affordable. But I would warn you to make sure you set up on the Alexa app and also to change the language set as this seems to affect its functions in the UK. Change it from US to UK and it sends a file down to convert it to the UK settings. That is one thing I think may have caused it to work. But not sure! Will research further and get back to you. 

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