When Ease of Access is anything but!

I was helping a client with Parkinson’s recently who had other help from staff and relatives at his care home. It’s interesting that people think that by switching on ALL the access options you are helping the client when in fact you are disabling them! 

Spent most of the time switching off options to just allow his speech to control the device. His hand function is lessened as the day goes on to the extent he can’t use a keyboard so some of the options such as magnification and onscreen keyboard don’t help. I also choose a lower resolution to make the screen clearer for the client. I switched off Magnifer(which had inverted the colour to make it doubly difficult to read) and also the on-screen keyboard as he uses his voice to type or a usb keyboard attached to the computer.

Interesting too that the one tool that would be useful didn’t appear on the desktop! Dragon sits in the tray until clicked on. This was another barrier. I had set it to run as a toolbar across the top to enable the client to say “wake up” and control the laptop totally with the one part of his body that works effectively.

Oh well. Onwards and upwards!

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