Fido2 – a new way to logon

Robin Christopherson ( Head of Digital Inclusion), AbilityNet wrote this article about how usernames and passwords should give way to other means. Read his article here at:- 

The alternative is something called Fido2  – you can try this out at:-

In essence this is what it does – it uses a range of methods to authenticate

Nok Nok provides a choice of any device, any platform and authentication method like tokens and biometrics voice, face, touch, iris and more. By eliminating friction, Nok Nok will increase user adoption of passwordless multifactor authentication, improve security posture and at much lower costs.


I confess I have not tried this for my site administration so over the next couple of weeks I will research it and get back to you on a blog on this. But it does sound feasible and doable.

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