Gaming – Xbox One S

Yes, you guessed! I upgraded to an Xbox One S with Kinect 2 this Christmas. I have been a keen gamer , mostly on Fifa but some car games like Need for Speed SHIFT and Horizon 2. If that leaves some of you none the wiser don’t worry – essentially football and cars.

On the plus side I can watch Blu-Rays and play games without using discs. The image quality is superb and more fluent  than on the Xbox 360. Setting up took an hour though downloading Fifa 17 took that long!

On the deficit side I was underwhelmed by the fact it doesn’t backward chain all my Xbox 360 games. This means I need to keep my old setup to use some of my favourite Xbox 360 Kinect games. Also the Kinect doesn’t work with Xbox One and needs a) an adaptor and b) a Kinect 2. So if you consider uopgrading bear those facts in mind.

People commented on the square box design as being surprisingly boring. But to me its neater and more like my other devices. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder! That is superficial but important to some users.

So is it thumbs up or thumbs down on the Xbox One S. All things considered the Xbox One S is the future for Microsoft. I had been putting off the upgrade as not being so necessary but when I saw that my local supermarket has stopped  stocking Xbox 360 games. The graphics and the new Kinect games have some great features such as clearer and  more detailed photo image. Also, for those who don’t want to have their ears bashed with noise there is a great headset that connects to your wireless controller which is very comfortable. I must say these additions come at a price! Not cheap! So factor any of things when considering doing this. I haven’t mentioned Playstation but this may be the better buy if you are starting from new into gaming or if you are a Playstation player.

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