Making use of Android Mobile Devices

Sorry its been a while since I wrote a blog. This is partly due to Christmas and partly due to not having time to write something. That aside I’d like to share some ideas on how to make use of small 7inch Android mobiles like the Nexus. Being known by others as the “IT guy” I have been getting equipment from a retired gentleman! He has handed me a few linux and Android devices. So I embarked on a project to discover how to use them.

What I like about them is their size and the screen display. Both are ideal for ebook readers and with the Kindle app I can take my books and daily reading with me wherever I go! They are great for that and would encourage anyone with these older devices to consider using them for that.

I thought having just a back facing camera a disadvantage but then its ideal for using as a communication tool as for Skype and Zoom. Zoom if you don’t know is a great communication tool that doesn’t drop signal like Skype tends to do now as its a busy service.

You might also wish to make some notes or list some jobs to do. Google Keep is brilliant for that. I have even made notes at conferences using Google Keep. Using services that span any device means that goes with you wherever you login or whatever device you use. This is handy if you have a device you use but it wasn’t the one you had that note on. Bummer! Not so with cloud-based services. Login and pick-up where you left off!

Amazon Music has impressed me when I discovered that I could stream a range of different artists on my Nexus and to create playlists that I could login to and use on my other mobile devices. But you do need an Amazon Prime account to do this!

I haven’t done this because I don’t need to but there is the possibility of streaming media such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix through this little 7 inch screen. The smallness sounds restrictive but when on a train or plane with not much room this is ideal especially immersive if you have a headset as these devices come with an ear socket.

So… make the most of your older tech! Give them a new lease of life by designating them as ebooks, communication tools and media streamers!


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