iPhone 8

Apple announced this week the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X which is an expensive phone which does away with the home key button. The iPhone 8 appeals to me as a photographer as the feature of studio lighting on the camera in live mode would be extremely useful and powerful. I currently use an iPhone 6 and I just love the camera feature and prefer ” the camera in my pocket” to the Nikon I carry around when taking photos. 12mg pixel doesn’t sound a lot but the retina HD makes up for that and hopefully will be a wonderful addition to the Apple Family.

Apple Watch series 3 also will be a useful tool. Apparently ( according to Apple that is!) the Apple Watch is the no1 selling watch in the states at the moment and stories of health and fitness success – and even saving lives dues to undetected medical conditions make it attractive. The series 3 is waterproof and packed with data features to extend its funcitonality including becoming cellular – which means it is a phone now!  In exercise you don’t want to be carrying your phone around so having something on your wrist would be liberating as well as being very useful.

iOS11 is just around the corner with a cleaner looking control panel and some other goodies can’t wait to see if any new accessibility features have been added. So roll on Apple! Kerching!

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