“Wifi can’t find a valid IP address”

Are you getting this message on your Windows 10 computer? Can’t get connection to Wifi. I had a friend with this problem which was difficult to resolve. Eventually via YouTube a solution was found. The problem is with something called “Winsock” and what is that ? 

In computing, the Windows Sockets API (WSA), which was later shortened to Winsock, is a technical specification that defines how Windows network software should access network services, especially TCP/IP. It defines a standard interface between a Windows TCP/IP client application (such as an FTP client or a web browser) and the underlying TCP/IP protocol stack.

To resolve this follow these steps:-

1. Go to start and use search 

2. Type “cmd” which is the Command Desktop

3. Before clicking on it  right mouse click or if using a tablet hold down over Command Desktop

4. Select ” Run as administrator”

5. Type  cd c:\ 

6. Type c:\windows\system32

7. Then add c:\windows\system32\netsh winsock reset

8. A message will appear saying you have successfully reset winsock

9. Restart your computer and your wifi should now work !

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