Maths Apps

Maths tends to be poorly represented in the app store and play store. Although there are plenty of apps for maths out there many of them are more game like with the math skill content not stretching enough or rigorous enough. So I have listed the Maths apps here I have found useful :-

XML Maths (£free) – provides a comprehensive list of activities that encourage mathematical skills
My Script Calculator(£free) – provides a useful tool for writing out calculations – use like a whiteboard therefore copy and paste into other resources
Maths Paper Lite (£7.99) – layouts maths calculations on a grid making it easier to navigate
MathKid(£free) – mental maths exercises – very good for mental maths
Photomath(£free)– scanning maths equations into your ipad
Number Quiz(£free) – simple number counting tool for SEN
ModMath(£free)– another grid layout tool that doesn’t cost £7.99
Maths42(£free) – maths formulation tool very useful
Grade1(£free – with in-app purchases)  – Splash maths – engaging games style maths tools

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