VR & Writing

The work of Tim Rylands (http://www.timrylands.com/tttat/) has been well received and considered a great way to encourage writing. Pupils at Little Reddings School in Watford have been using a virtual reality website (http://vr.gopro.com) for their homework which has given them an outlet for creative writing. This is what Dave Presky, their teacher wrote:-

“Just to give you some feedback from our Y5 Go Pro homework. We watched some of the videos in class, with great excitement. Then I put the link on our VLE for homework and asked the children to write about the clip, see below:
‘Deep in the cold Abyss, the hurried polar bear dived in like a diver. Stretching, it hit the water like a bullet and bounced back up. Smiling, the polar bear twisted and turned at the site of a colourful, beautiful sea horse hobbling along. Bubbles and waves hit the fury creature as the day went along like a float and the polar bear was an incredible ballerina silently swimming. Finally, the sky grew darker and the soggy polar bear went home with a grin of his face, as wide as the ocean!’
As soon as I climbed up the 500 feet mountain, you can feel the heavy wind almost pushing you off the cliff with its huge arms of power. Once I put my wingsuit on, I got so nervous, however I had to do it. I leaped of the edge of the rocky cliff and I spread my arms out like an eagle. After a while the wind was pushing hard on me so I had to tilt to the right where the countryside little like a mini villages. One minute later, I zoomed through two metal antennas. There was still 100 feet to go so I pressed the round parachute button and then held on to the thick blue strings.’


Thanks for the great resource! “
Try it with your class by going to http://vr.gopro.com and clicking on “Explore.”
Have fun!

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