Kids Play – Android Internet Safety Browser

Android devices don’t always get the press they deserve being the smaller brother to the mighty Apple iOS when it comes to education. But I have to take my hat off to this useful tool as it helps to protect your child from internet nasties and for those with special needs puts a “walled garden” around the device that is helpful to concerned parents about their child’s use of the device.

Kids Play is free on the Play Store and provides a PIN lock to changing or introducing content once the app is run. The home key can be disabled so the child stays within the walled garden. You can manage apps, images and video through Plugs in’s Kids Pics and Kids Video. Along with other features contained in Settings for the app makes it a pretty useful tool for parents to have if you want to protect your child. Also, the paid version as tools for remote monitoring what your child is looking and and which apps they use. Anyway worth having – at least the free version!

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