To have or not to have that is the question?

With so much controversy over copyright of media these days  it is easy to put yourself in a bit of a  ethical pickle! The saying ” if it’s too good to be true it probably is” comes to mind. On Android there are non-play store apps that provide media streaming such as Mobdro which gives access to streaming channels some of which I am not sure of the legal position. So I won’t be using this app . But less controversal and more useful is anothe non-play store sanctioned app – TubeMate which copies anything from Youtube. Of course some content is not favourable but for an Android device this is really useful. How is it useful? Instead of live streaming having a favourite video on your device when you are not in a wifi zone could be really handy. One word of warning some Android devices have small internal memory but have a microSD card slot so memory can be expanded. This is a tip worth knowing has it saves money and expands the memory and usefulness of the device. Unlike apple where you have to subscribe to cloud memory to expand the device’s storage capacity. Here on Android you have a physical piece of memory you can have your data on.

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