Speedy File Sharing

On holiday I find that I have to download images to my Surface from my camera. Windows 10 on the surface has an excellent easy to use post processing tool “Photos” which I can quickly whizz through 100’s of images with making adjustments such as lighting, shadow and colour saturation.

But I also find that I want to transfer to my iPad. There are a few ways to do this. Dropbox being the most common. But on my large photo files I have found this slow and failing. Then I tried my next tool of choice Pushbullet. Again a good tool for sharing across all my devices such as my laptop.  I downloaded InstaBullet (£1.49) on the windows store  which hasn’t proved successful for purposes other then sending a message to all my devices.


Then I came across Infinit – this has done the trick. There is a free download and an app for iOS. It offers a speedy drag and drop way of transfer. I suggest to read the instructions  first so that you know that the send icon ( paper aeroplane) does the work!

Now I can work artistically using my many photographic processing apps. The iPad with its direct touch offers the most facilities for doing this with a plethora of great apps which I will share with you in a future blog

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