Windows 10 stuck in Safe Mode

Anyone had this problem?

Just happened to me today when I tried to load a DVD!!

Apparently I learnt some new options can be accessed if you do get stuck in safe mode. It hasn’t solved my problems yet but here goes. Hopefully , either on the desktop click on the windows logo or splash welcome screen then on the power icon. You will see the options Shutdown or Restart. Hold down the shift key and press Restart and new options will appear like continue, turn off troubleshoot, etc.  Reset the PC option after pressing troubleshoot is what I am looking at but -oh dear! – it brings my pc back to a default condition. Drat!! I will try the recovery disc I got from the internet called Easy Recovery. I have a choice of devices so I am going for what looks like my standard CD/DVD. Restarted and the screen has gone black!

Help Google required! Using my speech input into google I asked ” My computer is stuck in Safe Mode in Windows 10 how do I get out of it?” Numerous suggestions appear . The one I choose was to right mouse click over the start menu and select run then type “msconfig” and see what I can change there?  I had  the computer on minimal selection  and so I changed it to “normal boot”  Black screen appears and then a polite “Please wait.” – and voila !  My screen is back. I haven’t lost my files and the machine reset to factory setting. Phew!!

That was really bizarre! And all because I wanted to play a DVD . GGrrr – Microsoft! Bah Humbug, Microsoft!!

If anyone can tell me what happened to make my computer do all this I would be grateful? Reply to the blog or facebook page.

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