More from BETT 2016

First News is a newspaper designed for young people and  concentrates on giving just the facts .They have brought out a  new virtual classrom tool called “iHub” contains activiites that supports learning using activities.

Symbaloo provides a front end to your browser with some atractive tools that will make a difference. There is a teaching and learning bank of materials. You can sign up for beta test at

Blue Sky are an award finalist for 2016 and have a good track record in schools providing school improvement through professional learning and collaboration. You can find them at

Need some unbreakable headphones then go over to Hills. They have been around a long time and have a range of peripheral goods you may find useful. http://

High quality 4K Ultra High Definition touch screen and interactive software is very much part of this year’s BETT . I like the ProWise screens. They have a high quality screen that is mountable as a table device. But I especially like the fact that their software is free to download.

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