Evernote – a tool for Dyslexics

Evernote I first joined and used in 2013. I found it a very useful tool then. But this latest version has some great features for Dyslexics that would help them such as:-

  • Having a full range of media to use that seamlessly works together – audio,text, photo, draw, ocr would be nice to add as it’s almost there with the photo annotation feature. Why not include OCR?
  • Notes can be shared to multiple formats – I like that it can be a PDF to print or share with email or send a link. Really important for homework and assignments. 
  • Chat – what a way to have instant contact with a colleague, peer or pupil , and maybe some tutoring from your teacher who set the work. 
  • Notes are automatically tiltled and date stamped which is a boom to dyslexics to enable work to be tracked


For teachers

  • Being able to blur out pupils faces makes this a great tool for protecting pupil’s identities
  • Links can be used to put assignments online pupils can access 
  • Collaboration between staff and pupils using files placed here
  • Chat is a really useful support tool for teachers to support pupils directly on their work
  • Presentation mode enables work to be made here and then shared as an alternative to PowerPoint 

So as a tool for the classroom look at Evernote as a cloud-based solution that has practical classroom applications . Other cloud storage just keeps the files in place but Evernote included note taking facilities that would really enable all pupils to achieve their full potential.

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