Pushbullet & Streaming Media in your home


Pushbullet is a great little app that connects your devices to enable you to communicate . Its quicker and easier than email and you are able to transfer files like the photos above. I think that this would enable transfer of data between plaforms . Learnt of this through my chromebook and iChrome widgit. There is a pushbutllet widgit that allows your information to be displayed as below:-


I am impressed with the new feeds you get on iChrome. This now integrates so well with social media and tools that make working more efficient and clearer. Information flow is becoming more interactive and focused than ever before. Creating live feeds are becoming easier and easier to use as well. I use Virgin Media for my tv, broadband and internet. I also have a Tivo box and downloaded the TVAnywhere app . I first needed to set up a direct link to my wifi using one of those circuit plugs and an ethernet cable. This was straightforward enough but means I can watch channels from anywhere in the house not just on the tv in the living room. This is good when you or your spouse want to watch different things. I have also discovered that I can send video from within youtube to display on my tv directly, that is going directly from my iphone via the TV box. The world of streaming is also becoming easier.

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