Task View in Windows 10

task view Have you noticed this icon on the task bar and wondered what it did? No? Well I discovered its usefulness having briefly clicked over it previously. A video from Microsoft put me onto this and I can now see its usefulness. Here are some notes about it

Move apps around

To see several apps at the same time, grab the top of the window of one app and drag it to the side or corner of the screen. You’ll see where the app will snap, along with other apps that can automatically snap next to it. Select Task view  on the taskbar to quickly switch between open apps.

Screenshot of task view

Having multiple virtual desktops as Microsoft call it. But to me it means different tasks can be switched automatically making it easier to keep tabs on different aspects of me work rather than switching tabs on my browser. From a workflow point of view it makes sense. If you are a tablet user and someone with fine-motor issues maybe the task view offers an easier way to navigate . When I tried to use Cortana to “Open Task View” the result came back as a web search! It’s a pity Cortana doesn’t do voice commands!

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