My First Twitter Chat: #SpecialEdChat

Great questions and deserve a wide audience as we need to consider our actions such as change in the lives of young people who struggle with that!

Special Education and Inclusive Learning

Well its the holidays & I was missing the usual special needs focused chats. There is a hashtag that comes up every Wednesday evening but there is no action. I thought this might be an opportunity for a bit of hashtag squatting. I tweeted out info about a pop up style chat at that time to see if anyone was interested. Got some great feedback so here we are!

I have rewritten these questions a few times, some I have answers for, some I don’t, a couple are written to generate debate, but its the discussion that’s key so here are our prompt questions for the night.

The Storify of the Chat is here in pdf: transition-sen-specialedchat

#Specialedchat – SEN and Transition

Q1 In your experience what is it about change that causes young people the most anxiety?

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