Research-Based Literacy Tool – help for struggling readers

Digtal Focus Reading Card provides an overlay window that you can customise so that the learner can use the configuration that works for them. In order to evaluate this I would need to try with some pupils and get their reaction . It’s a very simple tool which is good as no pre-learning is required in using it.

  • You can use it to guide reading
  • You can change the overlay colour

11793231_10207483666433682_1105386927_nI like the way you alter the way your window can be re-sized and made transparent to meet you specific needs. This makes it not get in the way with your way of working. Go to:-


  • Use it on your usual software


The authors have sent me this comment about tablets:-

“You may be interested to know that the innovative capabilities of the Reading Focus Cards application to “float on top” AND “stay on top” of nearly any underlying application cannot yet be supported by most mobile technologies (only portable laptops/notebooks at this time). However, we are monitoring hardware upgrades and potential capability (for iPads, iPhones, Android devices, etc.) for possible future versions.”


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