Tablets for SEN


We talk often on this website about the usefulness of tablets. Today I want to share thoughts about Windows based tablets. Before considering a Windows 8 tablet solutions it is important to consider what is a good base equipment that will meet the needs of your special needs students.

Windows Surface is useful for pupils who just want to use Word. But it is not complete solution for using your more specialised software. I will be investigating and listing useful apps for a basic Windows Surface tool in the App Mapping Database. The version of the Windows Surface to consider is the Windows Surface Pro which is a full version of Windows 8.1 not a cut down. This allows your old software that you used before to be included if that is important to you.

If using a tabletpc with Windows 8.1 then this would present no compatibility issues with your old software. The advantage in using a table is the instant on/off and quick startup which isn’t so easy on traditional Windows based laptops. Also, unlike the Apple products there is a USB port. So for those considering Switches and alternative peripherals you can plug in what you have used before. There are some useful Windows 8.1 accessibility features which I will share with you in another post soon.

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