DocPlus by Crick Software

Another new product and this time it is for older learners. This combines the best of WrtieOnline  and Clicker 7 all in one place. with more integration with other software. With good integration with Microsoft Word you can immediately use it as an alternative to  it, So you can do the following:-

  • text to speech that is excellent and not robotic
  • audio memory notes ( as in Clicker) have been added
  • Word grids
  • Camera (back and front)
  • Word prediction
  • Mindmap tool
  • Formatting has been upgraded to include bullet points, centre, right, left, images around text
  • ……and much more!

DocPlus makes a great addition to the Crick family and would help pupils who need a more grown up form of support.

And there is more , in the next version there will be these additions I am told:-

1)        Exam Mode: Different aspects of the program can be enabled/disabled to match the individual student’s access arrangements
2)      Auto save/restore: Automatically backs up the student’s work in case of computer crash / power cut etc.
3)      Tile PDF: PDF reader can sit underneath the document so the student can see/read the question whilst answering in the document above.
4)      Edit PDF: Where the exam authorities allow answering directly onto pdf (e.g. Scotland), DocsPlus supports this and allows speech / predictor / spelling support depending on Exam mode settings


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