Leap Motion

image” Leap motion is a device that can turn your pc into a kinect type device using your hands. It can be used to control the programs and operating system by using a program interface called Pointable from the AirSpace store. This store provides interesting applications for this access tool.

I liked the music and art applications the best! Using it as a control tool for the pc you need to hold your hands over the leap motion controller which is no bigger than a USB flash drive and creates am ” invisible field” above the device. You can see how this works when you use the air mouse controller software.

A program that works well with is device is dasher – used as a n interface for head pointers it is a wierd word prediction software that works well with the Leap. Otion. Dasher is free , just google for a link. It needs practise but with effort you can write what you want.

You can purchase leap motion from Maplins at £69 .

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